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Client Work

Working across several industries, I have assisted individuals and businesses in defining and fulfilling their objectives. Bringing a broad generalist background to the table, I am able to apply my skills to most any type of business. Learn more about some of my clients below!

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Business Operations, Human Resources and Financial Analysis

Providing affordable, best-in-class veterinary care while bridging the gap between primary care and emergency medicine. 

I supported Frontier in its efforts to get its doors open and continue to provide management support for the startup hospital.  

"Working with Charlotte/Hale Consulting Services has given me the confidence and tools to be successful in my role."

~Rebecca Santy, CVT Practice Manager Midwest Veterinary Specialists / Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care

Business Operations, Human Resources and Financial Analysis

Celebrating and restoring joy and mobility one patient and one step at a time. 

I supported Midwest in its efforts to get its doors open and continue to provide management support for the startup hospital.  

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"Charlotte has been an amazing resource during the development and launch of two new veterinary businesses. She is kind, responsive, and has an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge in the field. Charlotte assisted us in many areas including developing employee handbooks, hiring and HR protocols, financial management, retirement and benefit planning, team development training, and so much more. In uncharted areas, she thoroughly researched the options, provided detailed assessments, and we trusted her recommendations. She is exceptionally efficient and organized and communicated well with everyone on the team. I don’t know what I would have done without her! I give Charlotte my highest recommendation: your business will be better with Charlotte on your team!"

~ Dr. Mary Sarah Bergh, Owner - Midwest Veterinary Specialists & Frontier Veterinary Urgent Care


Financial Analysis, Change Management, and Strategic Planning

Cultivating the adventurous spirit of our wine-curious customers through a fun and approachable wine experience.

I joined Flight in a time of great change and transition in order to help the organization assess its management structure, analyze its financial status, and plan for future expansion. 

"Charlotte has been helping me/Flight get organized by reviewing our finances, creating budgets, analyzing spending and areas of potential savings - basically she's helping with all the thingsI wished I could spend time on but can't because I run and operate a business.  It's been an amazing process so far, and I can't wait to see where her help takes us in the future!"

~ Lindsay Smith, Owner/Operator - Flight Cleveland

Targeted Marketing

Dedicated to serving and protecting physicians and hospitals who advance medicine through research, teaching and collaboration with industry. 

I assisted Primacea with a short term marketing project to raise awareness about their unique service and extend the reach of their target market.


"Charlotte was a great help to our organization in doing a market test for a new product under development. She worked with me to create social media content, and then handled all of the posting and tracking for the items. The pieces looked great, and Charlotte was super at keeping the process flow moving - providing the project with the focus I couldn't offer given the many items competing for my time. It was Charlotte's high quality output and comprehensive project management capabilities that led us to choose Hale Consulting, and we were very happy with her work. Thanks!"

~ Tom Cronin, Principal, Primacea, LLC

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